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This is what the testers from The Good Toy Guide thought:

The soft play Pillowfight Warriors® Weapons and Shields are perfect for imaginative play and designed with historical accuracy to take you back to the marauding Viking and Medieval Age. This really encourages children to immerse themselves in role-play and is great for their creativity and storytelling skills. Our testers had so much fun playing with these and even the adults joined in!

The soft material prevents anyone from getting hurt if they do get hit which is a bonus. The label provides a picture of a figure with different points, with minus points for the head and groin area, which we thought is a great idea as it helps the children to understand boundaries and the sensible places to hit. Play fighting with the different swords and shields also encouraged sharing as the children swapped over so everybody got a turn, which is ideal for helping their social and emotional development.

What the    team of testers said

"I am the Viking King - my shield will protect me." - Boy aged 5

"I can use this shield as a pillow and sleep on my boat and then if anyone wants to attack I will have it ready!" - Boy aged 12

Skills Developed

  • Develops fine and gross motor skills

  • Promotes imaginative play

  • Great for turn taking and sharing

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